What does civil discourse mean to you?

The coronavirus hit the United States on March 11, 2020. According to the CDC, "All fifty states have reported cases of COVID-19 to CDC." Currently the United States has over 250,000 cases, Louisiana has over 6,000 cases confirmed and over 200 deaths. People are told to stay in their homes and we have been declared on lockdown. Many people continue to lose their lives as this disease progresses. Most jobs except essential jobs have been closed for at least a month now. During this month, I have been keeping in touch with my family and catching up with all my schoolwork. This past month has shown me chaos throughout the world.
Let alone, we tried at least five different stores before reaching one that would have all our supplies. According to usatoday, "Retailers across the nation continue to trim store hours – some because of curfews and others to focus on deep cleanings and restocking – while others are closing stores temporarily." We could not find toilet paper, lysol spray, lysol wipes, napkins, cases of water. My breathing began growing heavy and when we found the items we needed it was like pressure being lifted off my chest. When going in the stores my main concerns were not focused on me, it was focused on my mom and siblings. Glancing around the one thing that caught my attention was this young lady fussing with an older woman over a case of water.
In fact, walking in the stores to get water and basic necessities have shown me that people take more than what they need leaving hundreds without. Passing down the aisles and coming in view with nothing on the shelves and no employees restocking, I could not believe my eyes. It's like this situation causes panic throughout every city, before you know it people begin to change. Not only was one community affected, everyone changed. Everyone's survival mood is activated, and it is every man for themselves. Not wanting to get infected, people were wearing masks and staying six feet apart. The dollar store in my neighborhood placed tape on the floor actually measuring the six feet. Looking in the store there were no good Samaritans or helping hands, there were only grab and go. There were no engaged conversations or hand-shaking.
In the beginning everyone did not take these claims seriously. People began making videos and songs about the corona virus as a joke. According to the CDC, "..elderly people and babies were affected the most." So the ages in the middle do not really care about the outcome of this situation. It was until fox 8 news reported, "that the youngest age was 17 and this child was from New Orleans," that people began to take this for real. During this outbreak I have learned what it means to be a part of a strong family.
Regarding this, my aunt saw one of her friends' posts on social media that the stores were out of everything and her family did not have much. The next day we got up early that morning to go to the store for them and pick up some items. After having about two baskets full, I was so excited to see the expressions on their faces. When we dropped the goods off, the look on their faces was unforgettable. It showed me that you have to support one another no matter what the situation you are dealing with.
As shown above, to me civil discourse means, after taking many risks for your family, those who need help you should do the same for their family. My friend's community is put on lockdown, they now have a set curfew from 10-5. Only essential jobs are allowed to be out at any other times. This pandemic not only affects one community, one state, one country, it affects the whole world. During this time we must come together as one and find a cure or defeat this together. Writing papers is a torture for me! Thank God, I've found a necessary articles for rhetorical analysis. It helped me do my own paper.